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Przegląd czasopism z dr Renate Rutiku (EN)

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W 16. wydaniu POPP gościć będziemy dr Renate Rutiku z C-Lab.

POPP #16 will feature dr Renate Rutiku working at the Consciousness Lab. More details soon.

Dr Rutiku obtained her doctoral degree in 2015 at the University of Tartu (supervised by Prof. Talis Bachmann). Her research had been mostly focused on the neural correlates of consciousness. After receiving her degree, Renate joined the lab of Prof. Marcello Massimini in Milan for her first postdoctoral fellowship. There she studied auditory perception in patients suffering from disorders of consciousness and how brain-based measures can inform us about the level of an individual’s conscious state. As part of C-lab Renate studies the interplay between working memory and conscious perception, and is actively involved in the SkuldNet consortium.

Research interests:

  • differences between conscious and unconscious perception
  • states of consciousness
  • electrophysiology
  • brain structure
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